3 Reasons You Should Hire a Piano Mover Specialist

Moving a piano is extremely difficult. Each make and model has specific requirements for disassembly and care, and can be easily damaged. An experienced, professional mover comes equipped with years of experience in how to handle the many varieties of piano.

1. Transportation

Properly transporting a piano between locations requires the right equipment. In order to move a piano you must have

  1. The appropriate tools for disassembling the piano legs
  2. A crew of people who understand the ergonomics of resting a piano on its side
  3. Piano boards for resting the piano on its side
  4. A vehicle capable of containing and stabilizing the piano on its side

2. Storage Options

A piano is a large item, and when designing a new space, it might take some time before you know where you’d like to put it. Instead of risking a piano be placed in the wrong position in a new home, utilizing storage options with your piano mover may save you the hassle of having to reposition the piano once you’ve settled in your new home.

3. They Can Help You Sell Your Piano

Moving to a new home is a great time to reconsider if you really need your piano at all. If it’s collecting dust, you might be better off getting rid of the piano instead of worrying about where to put it and whether it’ll be played.

Piano movers naturally develop a large network of musicians in the area in the course of doing business. They’ll often move pianos into or out of studios in the area, all while developing relationships with the owners of the studio.

If you’re considering selling your piano, a piano mover is an excellent resource to assist you in finding potential buyers.

The team at Showtime Moving & Storage come with 42 years of experience. Whether you’re looking to move a piano from one location to the next, store your piano for any period of time, or sell your piano, give them a call: 1-818-355-7104.

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