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What we’ve learned in over 35 years of service is piano moving is different from furniture moving. This can be dangerous work. We do not recommend relying on your strong friends with a truck for moving a piano.

Not sure where to move your piano? Store your piano with us.

Don’t get rid of your treasured family instrument just because you’re moving, and not sure where to put it. We offer fairly priced storage options for you.

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Your Los Angeles Piano Mover Should Have Proof of Experience

Los Angeles, California piano movers, advertise their services. It is a good idea when interviewing these companies to have your list of requirements handy for quick reference and to note their answers for later review. Experience should be at the top of your requirement list when hiring a piano mover in L.A., Los Angeles Piano Movers who have been in business for years can offer references from past customers.

Employees come and go so check to make sure your piano move is being carried out by Los Angeles Piano Movers with experience, either with this or some other company. It is okay to ask for names and references of the exact employees who will be handling your piano.

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Complete Insurance Coverage Is Essential:
If you are satisfied with the references are given by a piano mover in Los Angeles, California, and you believe the employees are carrying out the move are experienced, ask about insurance.

Secondly, ask if the piano moving company carries liability insurance. That is important for you. Whether the value of your piano is $1000 or $50,000, if the mover causes damage, you want to be sure that their insurance company will replace it. Cartage insurance covers your piano while it is on the truck in transit. Your Los Angeles Piano Mover will provide proof they have that insurance.

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Does Your Los Angeles Piano Mover Have The Right Equipment?

There are certain tools California piano movers need that are unique to piano moving. Padding is vital to prevent scratches and dents. The damage protection needs to be designed for keyboards, not dining tables so it will provide the most protection. Skids and ramps for loading and unloading safely are standard tools. Depending on the size of the piano, the movers may need a sling and the ability to use it correctly. 

Cranes are sometimes necessary to hoist pianos if the interior access of a building is too small to move from floor to floor. Large pianos like Concert Grands are often taken apart for moving. You want to make sure a professional is performing that dismantling task. 

For Los Angeles Piano Movers to move the piano, they mount it on a moving board after wrapping it in moving pads. Piano Dollies are used to wheel pianos on ground surfaces. The trucks of Los Angeles Piano Movers have lift gates to lift your piano into the truck and seal closed. Some moving vehicles have carpeted interiors to add more protection.

Ask Questions

Some of us are content knowing a job will be done, but some of us like to know exactly how that task will get accomplished. If you are looking at your piano and wondering how movers will ever get it past that tight corner or maneuver the turn on the stairway, just ask them to explain it to you. If they seem unsure, you might want to keep looking for a Los Angeles Piano Mover.

The Los Angeles Piano Movers will be able to look at the obstacles, know what will work, and tell you how they plan to make it work. Maybe they will have to dismantle the piano. You can ask them how they plan to do it, if they have done it before and how they plan to put it back together. The point is that sometimes a simple affirmative answer just does not make you feel confident. So do not be afraid to ask questions and insist on complete answers.

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Here are 3 main factors considered to the quote– Piano Size, Distance to and from and are there stairs?

How Much Will Local Piano Movers Cost?

There are several variables for your Los Angeles Piano Mover to consider before giving you a price to move your piano. Provide complete and accurate information and you will get a more precise quote.

*Is your piano an upright or a grand? Size is a factor when estimating the cost. Measure your piano and write down the dimensions for your piano mover.

*If the address for pickup and delivery is not clear causing delays in delivery, it may cost you more. Designate if it is a street, avenue, parkway, and N. S. E. or W. 1174 Fourth could be one of at least five different locations.

*The degree of difficulty when moving the piano from the house or apartment to or from the truck is a consideration when estimating a piano move.

*Letting the mover know about the number of stairs and width of the stairwell will be helpful.
The mover needs to know about spiral stairs and tight turns. It helps him estimate how much labor he will need which determines your cost.

*The distance of the move is a significant factor in the expense of the move. A piano move from Burbank or North Hollywood to Van Nuys  will cost much less than a move from somewhere far on the west side to a destination 100 or more miles easy.

*Some Los Angeles piano movers charge a flat rate and others charge by the hour. We let you know your piano moving cost by giving you an easy quote over the phone when you call (818) 355-7105.

Expectations for Your Los Angeles Piano Mover Delivery

Your piano is safely at your new location. The same care and considerations apply to moving the piano from the truck to inside your new home. If your piano were disassembled, the Los Angeles Piano Mover would reassemble your piano in the location you choose. To the extent it is possible; place your piano away from areas of daily temperature extremes such as unshaded windows, drafty doorways, or high humidity. Those factors all affect the sound of your piano. Wait a few days before having your piano tuned so your instrument adjusts to its new environment.

Ask your Los Angeles Piano Mover to check and double check the stability of the piano leg locks to make sure they are tight when reassembling your piano. All there is between your 500 to 1000 pound Grand Piano and the floor is those three legs. Make it a point of checking the leg locks yourself from time to time because they can loosen while just sitting, creating the potential for tragedy.

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  • Call Los Angeles Piano Movers when you’re in need of grand piano moving or looking to store a grand piano. Our company also offers upright piano moving service as well.
  • Maybe you just want to place your piano into a different room or move it up or down a level. It is not wise to try to do it yourself. The piano has casters, but, at least, one, and probably all will freeze up and scrape the floor instead of roll. If you try moving it yourself, you will damage both kinds of wood and carpeted floors. Of course, there is also the risk of injury to yourself and damage to your musical instrument.
  • You may have reason to store your piano. If looking to store pianos, Los Angeles Piano Movers also offer piano storage facilities where your piano will be carefully wrapped and stored in a climate-controlled environment, perfect if you’re looking to store an upright piano. It will be fully protected from dust and scratches as well as extreme temperatures and humidity. Your piano is insured by the moving company while in storage.
  • We have a wealth of information for piano owners being in this business for over 30 years. We can often refer you to the best piano tuners, repair persons and music studios.

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